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The concept behind this collection is about the restlessness of young souls that are often misunderstood and neglected by one another. They are young but lled with hopelessness and lost their passion along their journey. They are always bored, engaging in activities just to kill time. Therefore, they are always ghting and unwilling to submit to their egos. In the campaign images, you will nd the stories coming into one piece. The images por- tray the mood of solitary and distress that were translated into a series of images that are interlinked.

“I worked a little backward creating this collection. There was a mood of restlessness, distressed and hopelessness that I had a vivid depiction of for my campaign shoot, therefore I created a collection that would bring these images come to life” shared Miranda Mazuki, creative director of Mazuki.

In this collection, Mazuki has chosen their signature fabrics such as cotton linen blend and viscose blend, while introducing higher end quality fabrics such as silk organza, silk blend and 100% wool fabric. The collection has also introduced more variety of warmer colors such as amber, olive, padi, grey, black and white.
For women’s collection, Mazuki stayed true to a variety of day to night pieces, followed by an evening selections such as tops, dresses and pants. The details incorporated for women’s pieces include two sided blouses, skirt and pants, cowl back dresses and bias cut dresses.

Mazuki has expanded their men pieces in this collection, introducing new items such as a trim-less double-breasted wool blazer, t-shirt and tai- lored shirts. Details include rounded edge collars and cuffs, shirts with uneven and stylized hem, wide trouser hems and casual unlined outerwear.

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