©2019 mazuki Repression Collection

embodies the concept of repression, a defense mechanism that was never taught but ingrained in our natural subconscious behaviors. It is an intuition shaped by mankind, leading to the lost of touch with the authenticity of one’s perceptions and feelings. Repression becomes a medium of isolation from within, leading to numbness and lack of expression. On a lighter note, the intention behind this collection is to spread the mindfulness of the natural
sentiments from within.

“To be vulnerable is humane and beautiful. Most of us are engineered to be in control of our emotions that we lost touch with our authentic feelings,” said Miranda Mazuki, creative director of MAZUKI. “This collection is not about encouraging deeper repression but rather to encourage the freedom of expression.”

For this collection, MAZUKI translates the concept of the repressive mind by incorporating a fabric manipulation technique called “smocking” and loose drapery. The selection of colors include white, grey, black in addition of white and black stripes. MAZUKI continues to provide comfort and movement by selecting subtle textures and lightweight textiles such as cotton shirting, cotton poly, silky polyester and wool blend.

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