©2018 mazuki Rapture Collection

In fascination of our pure desire for sensual art and how it has become such a public taboo, we chose to illustrate the purity essence of our yearning for an immense sense of rapture in our third capsule collection.

The concept is not to rationalize the public’s view of such desire but to translate it into a piece that can be incorporated everyday. Too often sensuality is applied by exposing too much skin that draws unnecessary intention.

In this collection, we explored the options of sensuality by decorating or teasing the erogenous areas with structural pleats to resemble the shape of a spinal cord, ear shaped pockets stitched at the chest, architectural structured neckline to wrap the collar bone and chest, high slit cut with curved hem were designed to tease the thighs and ankles. The materials were carefully selected in earth tones to create a metaphorical sense of nudity and nature.

This collection is served as a medium of personal declaration that sensuality can be found in humility. This is in hope that there would be a clearer distinction between chastity and vulgarity in society.

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