©2019 mazuki Purity Collection

Purity is a collection that reflects the simple meaning of joy and appreciation. It is a purely women collection in celebration of their loving and curious nature who aren’t afraid to stay naïve and kind in life. “The world seems to be more complex as we grow older. In the mind of an young girl, the world is filled with limitless possibilities, filled with the burning desire to create something out of this world to impress the adults. In this collection, I wanted to create a story that emphasizes the struggle of a young woman to stay wistful with the company of an alter ego. It’s a collection that has a close meaning to what I go through at the moment”, said Miranda Mazuki, Founder and Creative Director of MAZUKI.

Silk chiffon pieces are the limelight of this collection, carefully hand shirred and hand sewn onto linen & tencel blend in our own studio. Asymmetrical dresses and gathered top with silk hand-feel fabrication are heavily pinned and draped on the body, adding to its volume but maintaining its lightness. Fit are intentionally oversized but finely tailored to the body. Light, natural and muted colors are utilized in the collection in reflection of purity, accompanied by a black color option for most pieces in reference to its alter ego.


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