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Comfortable Solitude brings you a bewildering sense of peace that arises from self-seclusion. Being in an empty space is the absence of judgment and scrutiny. The collection draws parallel elements from abandoned buildings, emphasizing on broken lines and asymmetrical geometry. Inspired by lines, Comfortable Solitude is designed with a strong focus on challenging the conventional ways of construction. Through the use of monochromatic colors, the attention of the audience is directed towards the silhouette and construction of the garment.

Comfortable Solitude embodies a structured and geometric silhouette but with a very forgiving fit. It is comprised of monochromatic colors ranging from black, midnight blue, navy blue, cream and white. Most garments are fully lined with a clean finish. Fabrics with soft handfeel, such as egyptian cotton, silk and wool blend were chosen to deliver comfort to the wearer. These qualities will be preserved and remain integral to Mazuki’s identity as it develops more collections in the future.

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